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Hello, I have a RCA tv model D52W23 chassis itc222. I turn it on and the light turns green,you here a sizzle and it turns off. I took off the back and couldn't find anything burnt out on the circuit board so had to plug it in and see where it was coming from. It ended up being what I believe is a capacitor but it's rectangle in shape. The capacitor looks good but on the other side of the circuit board the solder is gone and the board is burnt. I was wondering where you can get another capacitor for this but right now I will try to resolder it being I've soldered circuit boards on other electronics.The capacitor has this on it.(R73 KP 0087UFH  2000Adc but the a is upside down and the c is backwards T5 QA21812)

You need the service manual or a list of parts in order to determine the replacement cap.

However, I doubt if that will fix the problem.  It is likely the capacitor is the victim not the cause of your problem.  Some troubleshooting is in order to determine what has failed.

The sizzle sound is likely to suggest trouble with the high voltage system.  It is a very common source of trouble in CRT sets.  The high voltage flyback could be the problem or the horizontal deflection amplifier.  It is common to replace both the flyback and the horizontal output transistor both because if one fails the other may soon do so and as long as the set is disassembled it might be wise to do both repairs.........  assuming, of course, that is the trouble.

There are other possibilities that could be at the root of the problem.  Again, troubleshooting is necessary to determine what is going on.

Above is partstore list of parts they have for this model but I didn't see the cap you are looking for.

You can find the service manual on google if you dig deep enough. But finding them free of charge is difficult.  It being an older set it may be a long battle you are facing.

Hope this helps.  

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