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I have a Timer/Standby self diagnosis indicator light blinking 5 times on the cabinet front panel.  Also, the picture will blink off  for about a second while the sound is still on...isn't problem with the picture, color, sound or any other issues...just the two things above.  I've been trying to find any reference online to this, but haven't had much success with the blinking 5 times...found 3 and 6 times, but no 5.  A few weeks ago we had a power failure from storms, but has been working fine since then.  I realize this TV is older, but it works great...awesome sound system in it.  I hope it's not a "time to get rid of the TV"  THANKS! for any help

Here is a reference for you to look at:

The blink code 5 relates to the AKB circuit and is often, actually, most often related to the age of the set meaning the picture tube is getting old and drawing too much biasing currents to keep the picture up to its level of performance.  It can often be compensated by making some adjustments to correct for it but the life of the picture tube is shortened in so doing.

You will need the service manual to find some adjustment techniques - or trust some of the forums from users who have made these adjustments; you can google around and find some heads up on this I am sure.

In the long run, even though you can nurse it a long and get some more life out of it, you will need to replace the set eventually.  Replacement of the picture tube is out of the question because even if you could find one it would cost more than buying a new set.

Hope this will help.  

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