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QUESTION: Hello Mr. Cleggsan,  I have a sony wega Plasma  tv ke-42xs910 that is 11 years old. On screen it said fan problem powering down, and after 1 minute tv turns off itself. I cleaned the fans but the problem still exist. I brought more fans ( it has 3 ) replaced them and it still turns off after  about 1 minute, it continues to say on screen fan problem powering down, not sure what to do at this point, can you help me?

ANSWER: Well, problem no. 1 is the set is 11 years old; for a Plasma set that is really "old"!

I am thinking it is not the fan - since you have replaced it/them and found no solution.  Likely it is a connector of open circuit on the board where the cable connectors are mounted.  If you have the skill please check them.  If the fans are not going at all then it could be a fuse somewhere in the power supply.  Probably the reason it shuts down after about 1 minutes is because the fan(s) are not going.  This is also a sign the fan circuits are not powered. So, again, check the cables and plugs feeding the fan to see if there is a power interruption somewhere along the way.

Plasma sets are slowly going out of production and being replaced with LCDs of one kind or another. If, in the worst case the set you now have needs technical service from a local repair shop you should go very cautiously.  The price of new 42" sets is getting lower every day whilst the cost of service is going up. A set of this age, by virtue that it has the current failure is only a sign the other components may be ready to fail. Spending money now may only keep the set going for a short time before another disaster creeps in; if so, better off to have replaced the set.  Statistically with sophisticated electronic home products the first breakdown is a bad omen and is predictive of another failure in the waiting.

Hope this helps you with an intelligent solution.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: thanks Mr Cleggsan for your answer, no I 'm not going to spend
   time to see tech to waste money because it being old something else
       could happen also. I would like to add that sometimes only in the
      late evening tv may stay on for hours but may only happen once in
        a week, Why is this?
         thanks a lot

Oh, this new information makes a good point. Often there are intermittent conditions that creep in involving loose connections or something that rubs or scrapes that causes malfunction.  A good test for this is while the set is on or off, just whack the set all around the chassis with your hand or fist to see if the mechanical vibrations will aright the offending intermittent conditions.  I have seen a couple of youtubes regarding such fixes for plasma sets where they even used a baseball bat and gently (one video shows a vigorous whacking action) to the top and sides of the display.  Being careful, of course, not to damage the screen.

Thanks for the feedback.  

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