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Samsung TV
Samsung TV  
Hi cleggsan,

I'm currently having an annoying problem with my Samsung LCD-TV. Whenever my screen needs to show (near) black colors/dark background, there appears to be green stripes on top of it. The same happens when it needs to show (near) white colors/clear background, but then with red stripes (see picture).

My Samsung is a LCD-TV and was bought on 19 Octobre 2007. The model number is LE40N87BDX/XEC. I don't know what you mean with the make number, but if it's necessary, I can mail it to you if I know what it is.

Now my questions:
1) What's the problem with my tv?
2) Can you estimate the cost of the spare part that has to be used to repair my tv?



If it is not a problem with the cable signal you are getting then it could be a bad capacitor in the main power supply which is introducing ripple into the main video board.  And it could be the main video board needs replaced.

Unfortunately, in this case, I think it must be diagnosed or tested in order to determine the cause of the color bars.  

If a new video board is needed it will cost in the range of USD$50 to USD$100.  

Sometimes strange effects such as this will happen due to an intermittent or bad connection inside the sets circuitry.  Try the thump test:  With the set on so you can see the bars or stripes; then with your hand or fist gently smack the set all around the chassis to see if the color bars go await.  The mechanical vibration from your thumping may aright the bad connection in the set.

Hope this helps.

PS: The set is getting quite old; you may not wish to make a large investment into a set that is old and prior technology compared with newer current models.  Prices have come down very much since this set was new.  A replacement set may cost only 1/2 what you paid for when it was new.  And, with the set this old even if you did repair it there is a high probability that another defect may pop up soon thereafter causing you to wish you hadn't spent the repair bill on it.  

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