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Hi, I hope you can help me with this. My Hitachi TV model is P50H401 and made in 2007. I plug my Brookstone wireless headphone transmitter jack into audio output L and R on the back of TV. However, I still hear sounds from TV not from headphone. Any suggestion will be appreciated. Thank you.

It is anticipated that audio out will be via the HDMI - which your headphone apparatus does not have.

Their may be an audio on/off feature in the menu list.  Try that as many sets have a soft ON/OFF for the internal speakers for when you are using an external amplifier.

Next, try the mute function; it may mute the internal speakers and not the audio outputs in the backs.

Finally, the audio digital/optical output will do the job but you must have a converter from optical to analog rca jacks out.  You can purchase such at Amazon and other retail places.

The above lists a few options for your consideration. If that URL doesn't come up you can just do a search for optical audio to rca analog to find them.  I think you can find them for $10 and up.

Hope this helps.

Let me know if you need more.  

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