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I have a Ultra 32" LCD TV made in 2005, can't make out model number, that's not working. It can play dvd's fine, but when switched over to cable, nothing shows up along with no sound. This just happened yesterday. Is it time for a new one?

If it is working (video and audio) when playing dvds then the problem is most likely related to the cable feed.  

- Could be a cable company problem.  Have you checked other outlets or neighbors to see if they have lost cable?

- Could be the cable connection itself. Try another outlet.  Wiggle cable.  Replace the cable between the wall outlet and the tv - or try another one.

- Could be the cable connection inside the tv set.  Try wiggling the connector area or tapping or smacking the connection area to aright the open connection.

- Could be the menu is setup wrong.  Go into the menu area and go through the setup procedures again.

But, yes, old 32" sets are not worthy of any big repair bill.  They are cheaper to just replace than to spend lots of time, energy and money getting fixed.  Maybe just use it for a game machine.  Or a computer monitor.

Best wishes. Hope this helps.  

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