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Hi , I have the above unit. I want to be able to play a USB stick through it. It does have a USB port on the unit but it is not pictured in the manual.  Is it possible to action it?

Thank you.

You will need to consult the owners manual or specifications for this matter. Since you say the image of the usb port is not pictured it is likely your model is some variation.  These made in China tvs often have many variations of the model and the books don't keep up with the changes in the model variations so well.

I would guess, but it is only a guess the usb memory device will work only if the tv supports the format of the program information on the usb flash memory device.  And, have you tried it?  That is the best way to learn if it will or not.  Maybe if you go into the menu it will give some indication of a play mode for the usb input.

Best wishes. Hope this helps.  

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