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I have an old 202 technical stereo receiver and I think my speaker wires crossed cause something made the speaker fuse go bad. I replaced the fuse but don't have any sound off any speaker hookup. Do  you have any suggestions.?

If the wires crossed causing a short on the audio output of the receiver it is likely that it took out the audio power output transistors.  They are not expensive but very labor intensive to replace because they are mounted on a heatsink with mica washers insulating them, electrically, from ground.

However, if only one channel was shorted it may have taken only that channel out.  Check both channels for audio. But, it is possible the short on the audio output caused power supply failure as well - which would take both channels out.  Repair of the power supply is not as difficult as repairing just the power output stage but might require repair of both audio power output channels as well.

So, without testing it cannot be determined the precise repairs needed.  and the cost of repair may be a lopsided investment costing more than the worth of the receiver!  Worst case repair could be well over $200 in an audio repair shop.  Replacing one output transistor pair might cost around $100 or so.

Since the fuse replacement did not bring life back into the amp I am afraid the conditions may be as outlined above.  Check on eBay or Craigslist and learn the replacement cost of a typical receiver and judge the desirability of repairing or replacing your receiver.  Maybe you will find it more practical to replace it.

Hope this helps.  

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