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You may be too young to know about cassette decks, but I have a 25 yr. old AIWA dual cassette deck that stopped working. When press play, the light for that deck comes on and it will make a clicking noise at first, but neither deck will play. And the fast forward and reverse buttons for each deck do nothing. I could be wrong, but I always thought each deck worked independently of the other, so can't understand why both decks stopped working. Is there a motor that runs both that could be burned out or something, or does it sound like something else? Thanks

I would need the model number to give you a 'good' answer.

But, here are some ideas you can explore.

ONE:  If the deck is belt driven (older ones used two or three belts inside) then, with age, all the belts may need replacing and tensions adjusted according to service manual standards.  Some audio shops are adept at doing this and some home DIYs can do it by trial and error using good judgment.  Belts are available at several online sellers who specialize in audio parts such as belts, replacement styli and pulleys, etc.

TWO:  If the deck is electronic based and both decks malfunction in the same way it could be a power supply problem - voltage to the IC controller low or zero.  This could be caused by a back electrolytic cap in the power supply ripple reducer section. They are easy to find (sticky liquid leaking out the top, bulging of the can) and any electronic tech can replace them at a low cost.  

Or, could be failure of the controller IC which would require a replacement of the IC chip.

Burned out motor is the last thing to expect - but not impossible.

Here are some places to look into:

Once you have the model number from the back of the set you can so some Internet searches for parts and repair ideas.

Then, let me know if you need more help.  Best wishes.  

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