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Do tv's upscale videos when connected through a hdmi from a computer? Say I have a 4k tv and my graphics card is capable of outputting 4k as native res and I connect my pc to my tv. I then play a 1080p video on my pc. Will my tv upscale the 1080p video or leave it alone because the pc is outputting 4k from the graphics card even though the video itself is only 1080p?

Please google around and read some of the comments and forums on this subject.  Seems there are many asking this and various related questions.

My sense is it depends a great deal on the individual maker of the cards and the 4k tvs as to how they have handled it. You must have a complete listing of the specs for both products and it even may be necessary to experiment with actual products to find out how they process it and if there are secret settings the manufacturers have coded into their softwares.

So, I don't have an exact answer - and there may not be one without some knowledge at the manufacturers design detail level.

Above is one example of some of the discussions surrounding these questions.

Hope this helps.  

TV/VCR/Stereo Troubleshooting

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