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I am using an S100 CAR DVD double din (model SMART 100 C019 running WINCE) system in my Opel Astra. It plays FM, DVD, bluetooth and VCDC well, but when I play music from USB, MICROSD CARD and HARDDRIVE, I hear only hissing sound like an FM station out of tune. I have resetted and upgraded the system thinking it will solve the problem, but the problem is still there, Is there a way you can assist me with this?

Somehow the signal output from the USB, MICRO and HD are not getting to the audio section; or if it is, the format may not be recognized.  The signal format for these is digitally encoded whereas the signal comin off the FM, DVD, etc. is more likely in  the analog format.

It may require a conversion of signal format. Or, on the other hand, is there an option in the menu list for digital signal format?

WIN CE is not common so much, yet, so maybe it is not receiving the digital format properly. There are some hardware mods mentioned in some of the threads that may be a clue; I am not sure.

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Hope this helps.  

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