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Upgraded from a 42" to 55"--E55oi-b2---not as good a picture as 42" but ok---problem mainly is say when watching news cast when they show film of something it is very blurry, but the live content is sharp.Even going live to someplace else sometimes is blurry also,but not as bad as notlive film.I just don't understand.I have had tv for six months and have adjusted things till I'm nuts.What say you? thanks

According to this review,2817,2457369,00.asp

it suffers from some "some notable picture issues".  Suggest you read this and other reviews.

When the picture resolution remains the same but the screen increases in size the relative resolution deteriorates.  For example, when the 42" is 1080i resolution and you now have a 55" size screen it still has 1080 pixels across so they look less clear on a relative scale.

Also, the news casts and other content may be in 480i resolution from the source, so they playback at the lower resolution level.

The above may be part of what you are seeing.

If the new 55" Vizio has some imperfections or defect in rendering the full resolution of the source material I don't know about that.  You may want to discuss it with the Vizio tech department or some other Vizio expert.  

Hope this helps.  

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