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can you tell me some things about the airbox they show on tv?like does it really work?is it worth the money?how does it work with just a pair of rabbit ears?

Airbox is a very controversial method. They take signals off satellite and convert them over to a different format and rebroadcast them so they can be controlled at the home by the Airbox set top.

I don't know of many cities having it and I don't know if FCC has approved their business model.

But, in most cities you can get off-the-air transmissions freely from the local broadcasters.

There are other services that can provide tv signals as well.  You can purchase them at Walmart and Target and such places.  Apple TV, Netflix and others are providing similar video services.

Since airbox transmits their own signal in a city they serve and if the signal is strong enough you can get by with rabbit ear class antenna.

And, yes, Airbox can send their signal over the air in the markets they claim to service; you should check their websites to learn what cities are (?) working.  I couldn't find any but I didn't look very hard.

Don't know how deep you are wanting to know so let's stop here and if you have further questions, send me a followup question.  

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