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Hi cleggsan,

I am in the market for a non-3D, non-SMART, regular Full HD, LED TV.
Viewing distance is a little over 10 feet.

Two Qs:

1. I need brand recommendations.
I have read a lot of good things about Samsung; however, their prices are very steep.
What are some other brands that you'd recommend?
How are Toshiba, Videocon, Philips, SONY & LG?

2. What would be the ideal screen size that I should be looking at?

Thank you.

I don't do product recommendations.  Why? Because there are so many subjective aspects of a wise decision.

That being said, let me give you come guidelines.

ONE:  Most brand names are good choices now days as quality/reliability has improved considerable over the last couple of years.  For example about a year ago I bot a demo unit on sale from the local Walmart that was reduced in price to about 50% of new price.  It is being used in a spare room; it has been a perfect set with outstanding picture quality.  Sound is not the greatest but for most tv programs it is just fine. It is a Hisense brand!

TWO: For the more deeply concerned about brand qualities I recommend Consumer Reports as they do good testing and ranking. You can find their publication in most public libraries. You can trust their recommendations as confidently as other rating sites on the Internet.  But, please do some searching online as there is plenty to learn there.

THREE:  Get the biggest size that you can afford and still make sense in your viewing room.  As a general rule the best viewing configuration is to be seated at a distance from the set of twice the width of the screen.  

FOUR:  Shopping price for the specification targets you have in mind is a good thing to do.  As we approach the winter holiday season there will be plenty of sale items around.  For example, I saw a 50 inch LCD set on sale a few days ago (don't remember the store or the make of the set) for $349) and you will be able to find similar pricing during the next few months - or less.

FIVE: If you are worried about reliability or service then shop at a reliable retailer who has a good extended warranty program.  For example, Costco, who does not have the 'best' prices does have an extra year of warranty added without any price increase.  And Walmart has a pretty low cost extended service program as an extra.  But, most tvs are reliable enough now days that it is probably not necessary to go beyond the factory warranty program.

SIX: You can usually find good deals on used tvs at craigslist or other sales sites but you have to be careful as many of them are with defects and the seller is just trying to get rid of them. So, if you buy a used one be very careful and check it out thoroughly before giving any money.

Hoping this helps but let me know if you have further thoughts.  

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