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We have a 50 inch samsung plasma  .....  last night while hooking up the dvd to the digital box the tv shut off and all that happens now is when I turn the power on via the remote it will flash red on the indicator for power on the tv but not turn on showing a green light . It will flash red for a few seconds and then nothing . After a few seconds it will flash red again like its trying to power up then go dead again .

Well, first, try disconnecting the 'box' and try again. It is possible the connection has caused a default.

Let us make sure it is not an interconnection problem.  Disconnect everything from the tv so that the only thing connected to it is the power cord.  Make sure the power cord is unplugged from the wall outlet.  Let the tv set idle with nothing connected to it whatsoever for at least a full one hour.

Then, with the tv plugged in to the wall, turn it on and see if it will now come ON. Give it time to cycle through its turn-on startup.  If it comes on you can turn it off and try the box (cable? you didn't say) and see if it still turns on.  If so, you'll probably have to go through a channel setup procedure.

Now, the above is just a guess for your tv.  To give you more precise information I need to know the model number of the set and the 'digital box' you are connecting to.  Then let me know more from the suggestions above.  You can send me a follow up question if needed.  

TV/VCR/Stereo Troubleshooting

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