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My 5 cd changer/turntable is not turning in either the CD or phono mode.  When I push play it makes a whirring sound but CD arm doesn't move.  It gives an E-01 error message.  So far I haven't been able to locate a repair shop.  Can you help?

Sorry, I don't have technical documentation on these models.

The mechanisms are very intricate and prone to errors, jamming and failure at nearly every point.

Since you are getting an error code it usually means something has failed within the processing area of the circuitry.  For example, a very common cause of malfunction is the laser beam that reads the disc has become so weak that it can no longer read the data or send the data to the decoder circuits.  In such cases the cure it to replace the optical pickup which contains the laser diode.  

Actually, that would be my first guess as to what may be ailing your unit.

Also, this unit has a belt drive mechanism that rotates the platter which holds the cd discs.  If the belt is worn out it should be replaced.  You can google to find replacement belts for this model.

Also, eBay has parts and replacement units listed.

Maybe the above ideas will lead you to a happy solution.  But, let me know if you need further help.  

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