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I have replaced several caps on the S-Power board along with repairing a resistor pcb trace on another board Nd replaced a blown resistor on the audio pcb Nd a 1000 ohm 63 v cap on the main board. Could a bad hybrid IC regulator on the S-power board be causing my power issue, anf if so, is there a way to check the STR-12006 regulatpr either inline or off the board?

I found the following on this model from an Anantek file:

QUESTION NO. P103102-8: Mitsubishi CK-3536R TV has no video or sound, (dark screen). The menu items and screen work fine as well as all character generators. There is audio and video at the tuner out jacks on the back but nothing on the monitor out jacks.
If this TV has PIP, look at PIP board C7001 and C7036. They are famous for leaking. Check board closely for damage from electrolyte. Usually the sound will still work with his problem.

Best way of checking the STR 12006 regulator is in circuit (working) and read the voltages around it for conformancy.  If you don't see dc being produced for powering the mother board than it may very well be at the center of the problem.

Hope this guidance is useful. Let me know more if you need.  

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