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Hello. I have a Samsung home theater that my dad bought in 2003. I recently decided to try it out for old times sake and found out that 2 out of the 6 audio outputs work. The ones that work are the "woofer" output and the "left front" output". My question is how do I safely take apart the system without electrocuting myself, or, do you have any idea on what the problem might be? If you have any info that you think might be useful to me, please let me know! I appreciate it!

It is an older model of modest performance and one would wonder about the investment required to put it back to working condition.

If the outputs you mention are truly defective it means there are problems inside the set - which requires troubleshooting of the circuitry - such as power supply, main IC chip and preamp outputs.  

First suggestion is to download the owners manual and read through the troubleshooting section to see if that gives you any ideas.

Second, if you have a voltmeter and know how to do basic testing you could remove the cover so as to get to the main pc board and see if there are dc voltages at the main points of the ICs and output matrix area.  If that is too difficult for your level of understanding about electronics you will need the services of an audio expert who can do the testing and repair.

If it turns out to be something serious, requiring replacement of key parts, for example, be prepared to pay more than the set is worth or at least more than you would want to pay.

My guess, and its just a guess, is the power supply is probably okey.  Might be an IC that drives those dead outputs that has gone bad or a broken circuit path on the circuit board if the unit has been dropped in the intervening years of the sets existence.

Hope that will give you something to go on.  But, let me know if you have more questions.  

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