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QUESTION: Hi there

I have this Genius  speakers SP-HF1800A   set of speakers connected to my computer.  Only one of them, the main one with the volume control etc. has sound.  The other one  does not.  If I switch the red connector into the white connector, (eliminating the white connector) I will have ONLY sound from the right speaker, the one that had no sound.  But than, the first speaker the one with the volume control, will have no sound.  Is it that I have to get a new set of wires or, is there something I can do with the OS - Windows 7?   

Thank you,   Gabe

ANSWER: No, don't think it is the computer.

I would agree with your comment that it is in the interconnecting cables. But, first, check the wiring carefully to make sure they are in the right places on the two speakers.

Also, when you connect the wiring make certain the plug is all the way as the schematic diagram shows they are a connector that requires all the way insertion.

You might also wiggle and jiggle the connecting plugs making sure there is not an intermittent connection somewhere in the wires/cables.

If you are a serious DIYer you can find the schematic diagram and other technical information at this site:

and go to page 15/16.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have further questions.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hello again,

Well, somehow while trying to activate the non working speaker, I lost the first one, the working one.   I guess I changed some settings..  This is Windows 7.  I am lookink to see any MUTE but not able to find any.  

In RealTech HD audio manager
in Line in properties levels, Advanced,
I see
The device you are configuring has been removed  
Is this my default media player?  
Can I just pick up another basic good media  player and skip going through resetting the current media player? If yes , which one?  

Thank you very much for your help,


I'm still thinking the speaker system has bad cables.  Do you have another speaker that you can try on the pc output?

And for the PC, if you think that is the problem, do you have builtin speakers on the monitor? Can you go into the task manager and see if the audio process is listed?  Can you reboot the pc and get back the audio processor if it is gone?

Wishing the best.  

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