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QUESTION: I have a 1999 Hitachi Omnivision that worked great until recently.  It's not getting power.  I've checked the outlet, and tried different outlets.  The power cord is not cut or frayed.

Zip power, no lights on inside or outside.


ANSWER: Can you give me the model number? You'll find it on the back panel around where the power cord enters the set.

Omni vision is a Panasonic trademark, no Hitachi.

So, I need the model number to get the right technology support for your set.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------


Hitachi Ultravision
Model # 5OUX58B
October 1998

It's a very old set and beyond expensive repair as an investment.  Further, it is old technology and does not display properly the new digitally formatted tv programs.  But, it was a fine set in its day.

There are two very common problems with this family of Hitachi sets.  Most common is failure of the convergence circuits. Less common is loss of video but sound keeps working.  Since you reported yours is dead it is most likely the convergence and/or the main power supply which feeds the convergence circuits.

The URL above shows three fix kits for your model. The first is for convergence repair and the third one is for video out.  

And, for sets this old it is almost imperative to replace the main electrolytics in the power supply since they often fail and are the least reliable components in any tv.

The minimum cost of repair if the power supply lytics and convergence ICs need to be replaced will run you well over $100 plus 3 to 4 hours of your labor.  A shop will charge about $250 to $300 for this level of work.

In my opinion the set is not worth the time or the money.  You can find curb side sets free of charge on craigslist in the larger cities and they are working sets being just given away.  Also, you can find good working used sets of this class at most thrift sets.  So, that is two options that would make more sense than trying to fix the one you have.

Hope this helps.

PS:  All the above said, in some miraculous cases a thumping treatment will restore an old set to working condition.  With your hand or fist, go around the cabinet front, top, sides, etc and thump all around the set. Doing so will some times correct an errant connection and get it working again.  Give it a try; doesn't cost anything and won't hurt it either.


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