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Good afternoon.  I have a Sharp LC32SB28UTA TV.  There is a constant strobe-like blinking constant.  There is a picture and sound also.  It stopped a couple of times for only a few minutes but resumes and is constant.  Please help before my son has a seizure.  Just kidding but it is very annoying.  

Thank you in advance for your time.  It is greatly appreciated.
Sincerely, Terrie  :)

These are difficult problems to troubleshoot.  It could be the result of an intermittent internal connection or a failing circuit on one of the printed boards inside.

Here is what I suggest you do:

ONE:  Try a reset of the tv.  You can find a reset function in the menu.  Also, on some sets it will automatically reset when you hold down the power button on the set (not remote) for several seconds.

TWO: If no luck with the reset, try the thumping routine.  This is to find or cure an intermittent internal connection. With the set off just thump or bang the set with your hand or fist all around the sides, top and back. Then do the same thing with the set on.  This will sometimes miraculously fix a loose or imperfect solder joint inside the set.  If no help, go on to THREE:

THREE:  Unplug the set and remove the back cover.  When you can see the printed boards, just wiggle the boards and wires running around the boards.  Wiggle gently so as to not do any harm or break any connections.  Again, this is to aright any errant connections.

FOUR: If the above donot solve anything it is likely the power board needs replacement.  You can order one up from and other places that may stock them.  It must be the right board by part number.

Above is the board but shown out of stock.  They may be getting them in soon or you can try other vendors.  Looks like the cost is around $70 which is quite expensive.

Let's see how it goes this far and let me know if you need further tutoring.

By the way there are a couple of youtubes online that might be of help for you in diagnosing and fixing the set.

Hope this helps.  

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