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Hi there, I need some help with finding out what I need for my entertainment needs. I just want a surround sound speaker system that can support my music(aux or Bluetooth) and other TV needs(Xbox One, cable box, etc.)What av receiver would work best preferably 5.1 (IT NEEDS TO BE ABLE TO SWITCH INPUTS FAST). Also would it be bad for me to have everything hooked up to my tv and then run the TV sound to an av receiver so I can switch outputs from my tv and if There's anything else I should know please help me out. Thanks in advanced!
I don't want to waste your time so if this is answered online please link me because I have searched in and have found nothing that specifically tells me what I could do

There are plenty of tutorial type web pages on this subject. is one place to explore along with and others that rate and review various products.

The concept of surround sound is well permeated throughout consumer electronic products.  Nearly all surround sound a/v receivers have the right connections between the tv and the receiver.  HDMI is the standard way of connecting them together and it is nearly universal on newer products from the tv and audio companies.

You should make sure, especially in the case of using some older products, the input/output connectivity is compatible.  For example, older products do not have hdmi connections.  An older receiver may not interface with a new tv set that has only hdmi inputting.

So far as your system wants you should prepare a list of things you want to accomplish and discuss them with a trained sales expert at a shop that specializes in customer service.  I shop frequently and have found them to be very suited to technical assistance and guidance.

If you google this:  hooking up surround sound systems

you will find some really good tutorial level links and youtubes.

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