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Thanks in advance for offering your knowledge. I have electronics repair background myself, but this one isn't making sense...I have a TV/Internet/Phone service that is fiber optic cable right to the box on my house, then splits off to coax for TV, standard 6 wire phone, and cat 5 for the computer. Anyway, when this was installed in my house in 2012, I had them do 3 rooms. Later on, I put a splitter behind one in one room, and ran a cable to a neighboring room. This soon caused issues with sound dropping out in both rooms and the local provider came out and for free ran a new cable for the second room, but just back to a splitter in the box outside the house. So, I can't help but think, what is the real difference there? All the tech from the provider would say is "It just won't work that way". Any ideas? Have you ever heard of such a thing? If it helps, the original room had a decoder box, and flat screen LCD, the second room was just straight to a small CRT as this service does give 80 channels without a box. Thanks again in advance for any insight you may have.

The signal from the house/box is driven with greater signal strength.  Perhaps the splitter you first used was dragging down the signal strength too much.  The box has a stronger signal level and better impedance matching for the signal configuration.

That is my best idea.  Not knowing your cable company and the manufacturer of the house/box this is my best guess.

Did you ask the tech how come?

Hope this helps.  

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