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why needle on new turntable skips across record when needle arm placed on record?

It is usually caused by the tone arm tracking force being too low.  The owners operating manual for that model should show you how to make that adjustment.

Another cause is the loudspeakers or woofer placed too near the TT and the acoustic energy vibrates the needle out of the groove.  Solution is to move the speakers further away from the tt.  Turn the sound down to very low and if skipping stops then you know the high output from the speakers is causing the problem.

If there are no adjustments for the tonearm force you can tape a dime or penny to the tonearm above the pickup cartridge; that gives about 1 gram of added pressure or force to the weight of the tone arm.

Let me know how it goes. Or, if you need further assistance.  

TV/VCR/Stereo Troubleshooting

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