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I just bought this used and I plugged it in and turned the speakers on and the volume was half way. It played only for a second and then went silent. While still on. Everything seems to work just no sound. Messed with the different channels for speaker plug-ins.

It's not sure to me if this is an older 2/channel stereo receiver of the newer model, RX-D201S, which is a surround sound unit.

To check, disconnect all speakers right at the back of the amp except for only one speaker and check each channel one at a time.  Making sure, of course the controls are set for the right speaker/channel to have signal going to it.  

It is highly unlikely that all speakers are defective, but not impossible.  Since you got some sound when initializing the set it must be assumed the speakers are not the problem.

Unplug the power cord for 1/2 hour or so to discharge all voltages inside the set.  Then try again with only one speaker connected as above.  Try the one speaker on each amp channel.  It is possible that one amp, two amps or all are dead.  If all dead, no sound, it is likely a power supply problem that is not getting the high voltage rail DC to the output section of the amplifiers.  This is a serious problem and could involve replacing electrolytics, rectifier diodes or other components.  

So, check more deeply as outlined above and let me know what you learned in your followup reply.

Be sure and clarify which unit you have by giving me the full and exact model number.


TV/VCR/Stereo Troubleshooting

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