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Onkyo Receiver TX-DS747

I have been experiencing problems with the surround sound. The Multi Source only has sound coming from the right speaker only.  I have tried using a terminal block and an assorted other non-professional options but no luck.  Sometimes it will work but will not last very long.  Any ideas?

I wish I had an answer for you. I do not do repairs.
My best advice would be to re-submit this one to Cleggsan. He is top notch at troubleshooting.

Link to cleggsan

Sorry that I cannot assist you more.
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First thing to do is check all the connections and system hookup.

Reverse some of the speakers; for instance, when the right only speaker is working, disconnect its wires from the back of the TX-DS747  and connect it to the left speaker terminal and the left speaker to the right terminals.  If the left speaker is now good when on the right channel and the right speaker which was good is now not working on the left channel that tells you the speakers are good and the amps left speaker is not supplying any power.  And so forth; you can do other swaps to help identify the location of the trouble spots.

Go into the menu and check setups or reset it as if it were new out of the box; that might clear up some logic problems going on in the cpu software.

There are some forums online that deal with the multisource trouble area that you might check out.

These are some quick ideas for you to explore.  Then after you have a better diagnosis track come back with a followup and we can go another iteration.


PS: I don't understand what you mean about using a terminal block - could you explain?  

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