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sound cuts out after hours of sound,display and everything else stay lit.When I unplug it from power and plug it back in,sound comes back . I would also like to mention that on occasion the eco light will flash when the sound cuts out.I put this question out on another site and they came back with q335 transistor bad in surround amplifier , I guess i'm asking for a second opinion before I start dismantling things , thanks!

Could be a transistor but they usually fail once and are dead forever.

Rather, I suspect you have a heat build up problem. You say it dies out after playing for long time.

How is the ventilation?  And is the receiver mounted inside cabinet or out in the open?  

If you can, improve the ventilation and try putting a small fan at the back of the unit to keep air flowing around the unit. If there are air vent holes that look like dust is a problem, then remove the cover for even better air flow.

Let me know the outcome.

In the worst case you may have old, dried out silicon grease that insulates the audio power transistors and doesn't let them dissipate the heat into the heat sinks.  Regreasing the power transistors may relieve the situation.

All the best.  

TV/VCR/Stereo Troubleshooting

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