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TV/VCR/Stereo Troubleshooting/code # for remote control: Mitsubishi


QUESTION: I have and early '90's Mitsubishi TV (CS-27407) which I am trying to control with a Motorola cable box remote of current vintage provided by Comcast. I followed the instructions for the Comcast cable's device but none of the 5-digit codes listed for Mitsubishi nor the 'search' resulted in any recognition by the TV of the remote. Perhaps such an old TV may not use the infra-red approach?
Any idea you might have would be appreciated.

ANSWER: Yes, this is an older tv and it may not respond to popular codes.  You might try  the search again; sometimes it skips over the one you need.

And, if it is a 4 digit code you may need another universal remote.  There are a few that will work for older tvs.  At Walmart they have an RCA universal for under $5 that works for older sets. And, the one I like the best is at Dollar Tree where they sell one for, yes, $1.00; however, many of the stores no longer carry them.

But, any of the older remotes should work for your set.  Try a thrift shop where they usually have boxes of old remotes and such items.  You might be able to find a Mitsubishi remote of the vintage you need.  In fact, if they may even have a used tv equal to your set and with a remote for which you can usually buy the entire unit w/remote for around $10.  I see them all the time in Salvation Army and GoodWill stores.

All the best. Hope this helps.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for your response. I may not have clearly explained:
I want to use the up-to-date remote so that I can operate both the cable box AND the old TV simultaneously using the "all on" button. I do have the original remote for the old TV and it works, but it would be simpler for users of the two units together if both would respond to the "all on" new remote. I saw that the code numbers for the earlier TV remotes may be 3-digit long but I suspect that the modern cable remote will not program such a code successfully. I wonder if the two units are therefor not compatible to be simultaneously operated by the newer remote.

Yes, I understood fully you wanted the convenience of one remote.  But, if the "one remote" wont support the old tv then you are going to have to use two remotes.  I did not understand that you have an original remote that works.  That is your solution.  UNLESS you can find a remote that will operated both the old set and the cable box - which is not likely.

Have you contacted the cable  people? They may have a solution since they are in the business of supporting all their customers who many still have old analog sets.

My final question is why are you using old analog tube technology when we have such marvelous new flat screen sets with high resolution and stunning picture quality?


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