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Sony de535
In the TURNER MODE when I turn on the system it goes to the channel Ihave selected and then goes to "PROTECTOR".
I read what you told some one else to unplug the unit and wires to reset! I have done this and still goes to protector mode flashing. Opened top and I see a fuse which is not blown.

What should I do?

Protect mode is when something causes an excessive load on the power supply.

The most common causes of this are:
1.  Shorted speaker or speaker line.
2.  Defective power supply, most often electrolytic capacitors.
3.  Defective audio power output transistors.

Here is a check you can make.  Unplug the power cord. Then disconnect all the speaker wires on the back of the receiver.  When you turn the receiver on (keep the volume setting down to zero) if it still goes into protection mode it means the problem is inside the receiver.

If it does NOT go into protection mode it is likely a bad speaker or shorted speaker wire somewhere along the way.

That is the quick check for troubleshooting for first indication of what might be going on.

PS: If the set goes into protect mode only in Tuner mode it means the tuner section maybe the cause of the overload on the power supply and causes the protect to kick in.  Set the receiver for aux or cd/dvd input before turning on the set.  Does it go into protect when you set it to tuner mode?  And with the volume down to zero is it okey; then slowly turn up the sound level? Does it go into protect when sound is going into the speakers?  This is a sign of power supply overload.  Let me know the outcome of the testing suggested above and we can go from there.  

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