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Hi I have a 32inc alba tv when I stand it up the screen gose black but still has sound but when I lay it down it works fine can u help me

Can you watch it by hanging it from the ceiling and looking up?  Just testing your sense of humour!

Chances are there remains inside the set a loose connection that is able to differentiate between the positions.

My first suggestion is to smack the set firmly with your hand or fist whilst the set is on and running.  Smack it firmly all around the set; top, back, sides, etc.  Even lift the set on one corner and gently drop it onto its mounting surface. So doing may jar loose the faulty internal connection causing it to function properly.

My second suggestion would be to open the set up and wiggle the main boards and the cables that are running to and fro around the internals of the set.  This is a little more drastic and not advisable if you have zero experience around tv or electronic products.  If you are in fear, do not do it.  If you want to try; unplug the sets mains.  Leave set unplugged for at least 2 hours in order to allow discharge of any dangerous voltages lying inside the set.  Then, remove the screws that hold the back cover on and remove the back cover allowing you to get inside the set.  You probably won't be able to see anything out of order so wiggling gently will sometimes cause the intermittent connection to come back to life, just as the smacking procedure above but this sequence will be a little more dramatic.

My third suggestion is to wiggle the power cord.  Maybe this should have been the first suggestion since it's so easy to do.  Where the cord enters into the set just gently wiggle the power cord making sure there is a good tight fit of the cord to the receptacle of the set.

Let me know more if you need.


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