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Hi Experts,
I've got a Zenith model z0690141-2327 tube television made in 7/2002 that has a power issue. The set will come on but after 2 or 3 min it turns off.I thought it maybe dust on electronics so I removed back cover and cleaned dust off but that was not the solution. I put connections back on and plugged pwr back in and it took 6 or 7 times of powering up and down the TV before it turned back on this time.  I'm thinking its a 12v relay in the pwr section that links the hot/cold section of the board (204-3341-P07A CA). Any help is appreciated.

For old sets with these kinds of symptoms first suspicion is bad electrolytics in power supply filter section.  These components are the first to go as their life span and reliability insufficiency is legend among electronic parts.

Check the big lytics for swelling or oozing out the terminals. When they fail they will short down the main dc voltage feeds and cause very slow voltage build up.  If you have a vom check the voltage on them during turn on cycle.  Or, just replace them and see if that cures the problem. They are not expensive, but laborious to get out and solder replacements in.

Hope this helps.  

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