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TV/VCR/Stereo Troubleshooting/Possible Faulty Connection between DVD & TV???



TV:  Sony Bravia LDC Digital Color Model KDL-26L5000 (2009)
DVD Player:  DVPNS325 (Don't know the age, but it's old)

Problem:  Workmen making home repairs had to work in the area where the TV, Cable Box/DVR, and DVD Player are located, so they disconnected all of the electronics.  They were successful in re-connecting the TV to the cable box, but they didn't properly re-connect the TV to the DVD player, and I can't find the cables that were originally used to make the connection.  I also don't remember what type they were.

I've tried making the connection, using, on both the TV and the DVD player, the red-blue-green component cables for video and the red and white component cables for audio, and I've also tried using the red-white-yellow composite cables on both the TV and the DVD player.  There is no yellow color coding on the back of the TV, so on the TV, I connected the yellow cable to the green outlet.

Nothing worked.

The cable box is assigned to Component 1 on the TV, and the DVD player is assigned to Video 2.  Component 1 still works to view television programs, but when the DVD player is hooked up to the TV (either via the component cables or by way of the composite), the DVD function won't work.  What I see on Video 2 is the same show (in SD) that is airing on Component 1, only there's no sound with the program.

I had a very lengthy online chat with someone from Sony yesterday who said it sounds as if the TV isn't receiving the DVD signal when the DVD player is connected, but she had no idea why that would be the case. The DVD player was working perfectly until the workmen unplugged it and failed to re-connect it properly.  I asked if it sounded to her as if the DVD player was now on the fritz and while she said she didn't think so, she didn't know for sure.  

I don't know if I've explained this very well (and I'm not at all technologically savvy, so my terminology is probably fair at best), but since you have experience with all kinds of electronic equipment, I'm hoping you might have an idea as to what is wrong and how to fix it.

I'm hoping it's just a connection problem, but since I've tried everything I know to try, I really do need your advice.  



ANSWER: Page 15 and 16 of the manual have hookup diagrams for you to follow:

I suggest you reset the dvd player by unplugging it for a while then boot it up again.

Using the composite outputs on the dvd player to the composite input on the dvd is always the best base connectivity. Once it is working you can advance it to composite but there's nothing wrong with using composite video.

You may also need to reset the tv or at least go into the menu and cycle through the inputs to clear out any wrong software assignments to inputs.  And, make sure you don't have confusion between inputs and outputs.  A connection marked IN means a signal is going into that port. If it is market OUT it means the signal is coming out of that port.

Let me know.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you so much.  I have to say, though, that I'm definitely in over my head with all of this.

I read pages 15 and 16 of the manual (Thank you for sending that!), and although it sounds, from your answer, like the composite cables (red-white-yellow) would be the better ones to use, the back of the TV calls for the red-blue-green.

Nevertheless, I've tried both, and neither has worked, but I did unplug the DVD player and will boot it up again in the morning.

That, though, brings me to your second paragraph, which talks about "cycling through the inputs to clear out any wrong software to the inputs."  

That's where I begin to be really lost.  I went into Menu and Settings and I saw something called "Label Video Inputs," but that's the only setting I saw that has "Input" in the name.  I don't know if I'm in the right spot, and if I am, I have no idea what I should be looking for.

The workmen didn't change any of the settings on the TV (in fact, they didn't even turn it on when they were disconnecting everything), so everything should be the same as it was when the DVD was working.

As I mentioned in my initial email, I'm not at all technologically savvy, but I think I'm even more ill-prepared to troubleshoot than I thought I was.  And I would never ask you to spend a lot of time trying to teach me the basics.  

Given what I've told you, though, can you hazard an educated guess as to why neither the hook up with the composite cables nor the hook up with the component cables has worked?  Could it be something as simple as the DVD player just needing a re-boot?

I really appreciate your bearing with me!


I am inclined to think it's still in your hookup.

The red/blue/green are component inputs/outputs.  The red/white/yellow are composite connections where the red is right audio, white is left audio and yellow is for video.  

It is very confusing, sometimes, between the colors, input and output markings.

From your very first inquiry I was thinking you had mixed up the connections on between the tv and dvd player.  It must be correct.  Therefore, my suggestion now is to make doubly sure you have the cables in the right ports on the tv and dvd player.  

In your first inquiry you also stated there was no yellow input for video composite.  If that is so, it means there is no composite input and you will have to use component inputs to the tv.

Hope this is a solution for you.

PS:  I pulled down the spec sheet of your television; it does not have composite input for HD but it does have for SD. You should probably use component!  So, component connections seems the right solution.  Sorry if this makes any further confusion.  But, again, check to make sure you are using the right port connection points.  

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