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Hi, I have an Sears LXI compact Stereo system, model number 132.92880451. Everything was working great on the stereo until a few days ago when the sound output quit working while it was on. The stereo still turns on and all the functions appear to be working such as am/fm radio, phono, tape player and aux input. My guess is that I blew one of the amplifiers as I did notice a source of burning smell inside the system. If this is the case am I able to get a replacement amplifier and how easy are they to replace? Thank you.

You are probably right.  What often happens in these types of failures is the audio output power transistors fail from too much heat.  The cause can be from playing too loud over a lengthy period of time or a shorted speaker that puts a current load on the amplifier.

The repair consists of replacing the power transistors.  It is not a DIY process but does require some experience with heat sink mounted transistors or FETs.  The cost is not so much for parts but quite a bit of labor is required.

If that unit has audio output rca jacks you could use a low cost external amplifier to replace the internal amps.  You can check it easily by merely looking for right and left audio output jacks on the back of the set.

Hope this helps.


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