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My nice bedroom TV, 32" Emerson, just up and died and was just a year and a half old.  I had been having trouble with it as it was making "tiles" on the screen for awhile.  I suspect something is wrong with the electrical outlet or else all the lightning storms we've been having.  I had my cable provider come check the cable, which was fine.  I now have a small TV and dvd player from another room hooked up in my bedroom.  Next thing  you know, I'm starting to see "tiles" on the set just installed in my room.  So  I went out and bought surge protectors.  Interestingly, I found that if I go into my bathroom on the other side of the TV wall, and I turn on the exhaust fan,the TV picture clear up with no tiles.  Any ideas as to what is going on?  I've checked the breaker box, connections,etc. and am completely mystified by this.

Do you get the "tiles" on the tv when playing dvd?  If you get tiles with either cable or dvd program then it is likely a function of the set.  If you get the tiles only when viewing cable channels it could be a connection problem with the cable between the wall outlet and the tv or it could be an interference problem.  Interference could be from something electric in nature that is near the tv or on a circuit that is running an interfering product.  Things that will interfere are fans, air conditioners, furnace blower motors, microwave machines, etc. Just about anything with a motor inside can be a source of interference.

So, also interference can come from a neighbor who is broadcasting ham radio or some such devices.

The fact that the exhaust fan clears it up is an indication that it is cancelling out the cause of the tiles.  (We call those tiles a result of pixilation caused by lack of rf signal processing bandwidth in the video circuitry.)

You might move the tv out of the bedroom again and see if it clears up the tiles.  And, if you can reorient the tv within the bedroom to see if it effects the production of tiles.  This will help isolate the source of the interference or other electrical problems.

Check the suggestions mentioned above and let me k now the outcome.  We can take it step by step until we have zeroed in on the problem.

Hope these ideas help you find a solution.

PS: Emerson tv products are not known for long and durable reliability, unfortunately.  

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