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I have Panasonic NV-SD2AM . I have problem with VCR sound .  I have tried head cleaner.but of no help. The sound is very low and is of  poor quality. It is noisy. Ttere is no nearby shop where I can take it. Please help me. Waiting for your help.

It could be one or both of the following:

ONE:  Tape worn or stretched.  You can visually examine the tape by pulling a little strip of the tape out of the cartridge reel box.  Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about this since the tape is already stretched or damaged.  The stretching can be caused from the mechanism putting too much tension of the transport parts.  An adjustment is required to keep the transport system from stretching and damaging other tapes. You should look at other tapes to see if they are starting to fray on the edge of the tape.  The edge is where the audio track is located on the tape.

TWO:  The audio head could be worn, out of alignment or accidentally knocked out of its adjustment or location.  There are two tape reading heads in a vcr 1) high speed rotor head which reads the video information and 2) the audio head placed a few cm away from the rotary head along the tape pathway.  If you have manual adjustment of scan/tracking on your machine you should try adjusting it for best sound/audio quality.  In the worst case you could try ordering a replacement audio head for replacement of the one in the machine.

Hope this gets you started.  Come back to me if you need more.  

TV/VCR/Stereo Troubleshooting

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