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QUESTION: You were so kind to answer my previous questions regarding wifi connections, I have one more please.  We purchased an Apple TV to connect our tv to wifi to access netflix.  The installation is very simple connect apple to tv, connect power. My question is what if my tv is connected to a receiver, do I still connect the same way or do I need to do something through the receiver. I have not opened the apple tv box and wont if the installation is complicated, hence my question. Thanks so much.

ANSWER: Installation to add external receiver and speakers is simple straightforward matter.  Especially so if you can use HDMI cable between the tv and the audio receiver. Doing so merely sends the audio signal from the tv to the receiver.  The audio menu on the TV may need to be set for external receiver which merely shuts off audio going to the internal speakers.

Hope this helps.

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QUESTION: We installed the apple tv, simple connection to the TV, access to netflix is good. The problem now is that in order to have sound, we must turn off the samsung wireless audio sound bar and turn on the tv speakers. How do we fix that?
Here is our situation.  The cable tv input is HDMI1 while the wifi input is HDMI3.

The cable and sony blu ray player both have sound coming from the sound bar both are connected to a receiver.  The gentlemen that did the installation couldnt connect the CD player to the sound bar because I believe it is an older model and didnt have the slot, which is fine we are ok with adding external speakers to the CD player  It is the netflix connection we would like to have sound come from the sound bar.  

Samsung wireless audio soundbar model HW-H450
LG TV model 60LB5200
receiver YAMAHA RX-V565

thank you

ANSWER: Is it possible to run the cable HDMI through the receiver and out to the tv?  That may solve your problem.

I am not clearly seeing the hookup strategy so you might have to experiment by changing around the input/output configuration. And, on the tv there should be a menu option for internal or external audio.

Best wishes.  Hope you get it working 100%.

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QUESTION: I'm sorry I wasnt clear in my question.  The HDMI1 input cable does run through the receiver to the TV that is probably why I am getting sound through the sound bar for cable TV and blu ray.   The HDMI cable for the apple TV for  wifi runs through HDMI3 input which doesnt pick up the sound bar.  What I dont understand is why I dont get sound from the sound bar when we access netflix.

Try a different HDMI.

I think it is clearly an input/output connection scenario.  

Since I cannot visualize your entire hookup strategy I am going to refer you to the manuals for the tv and player as they both have pictorials of hookup and back panels.  I think you may need to study them carefully and try rearranging the configurations.

Page 14 at:

Page 17 at;


Hope this demystifies the entire hookup program for you.  

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