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QUESTION: I am sorry if this is a stupid question but here goes.  We recently bought a new LG led TV, model 60LB5200, we had it connected to our Sony blu ray player which is about 4 years old.  I looked on line to find out how to connect the blu ray to the internet and only got so far because it couldnt find the USB WIRELESS LAN ADAPTER. We tried buying a Sony adapter but they discontinued making them.  So I contacted LG to find out how to connect the TV to the internet, thought they might have a part I needed to buy to connect but the reply I received was that this model was not a smart TV so cant connect to the internet. This is a new TV there must be some way of connecting, what do I need to purchase to be able to get online, we want to subscribe to NETFLIX.
Appreciate your help.

ANSWER: Your tv, the LG 60LB5200 is NOT a smart tv and therefore does not connect directly to the Internet, which you have found out already.

The dilemna you now face is choosing from the many possible ways of doing so.  An easy way is to connect through your PC or Laptop.  Most laptops will get you to Netflix easily and then you can connect the laptop to the TV via either USB or HDMI, depending on your PC features.

The above link will give you further ideas.  Look towards the bottom of the page for the LG comments which shows some of the options for your considerations.

Also, if you google "how to connect tv to Internet" you'll get some additional options such as using one of the USB compatible tv devices such as Google tv and Amazon Firestick, etc.

You did not give me the model number for the BluRay player so I cannot give you any advice on it other than read their owners manual and google you model number for how to connect it. If it can connect easily it could be the signal provider to the tv if done right.

So, you have many choices; so, little research can get you to a solution that will work for you.  As first stated, using your PC might be the easiest and most economical approach.

Wishing you the best.

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QUESTION: Thank you for the response.  My Sony blu-ray disc/dvd player is model BDP-S380/BX38. We would like a permanent solution to connect instead of using our laptop, the back of the TV is hard to get to.

ANSWER: Here is the operations manual for the Blu Ray player:

It is a nice, detailed and very helpful manual, as usual by Sony.

And the next link has some really good support information such as how to connect it to the internet and connection guide.  I think it will answer all your questions about integrating the device into your entertainment scheme.

Sorry you'll need to read through some of the information but it will be very helpful.

Lastly, near the bottom of the above link it gives a guide on how to use Netflix with this model.

Hope this further helps you plan a great system.

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QUESTION: That is wonderful thank you so much.  I see we can hardwire the blu ray.  One last question please.  We have wifi in our home, can we hardware the blu ray  to the wireless wifi modem, so our laptop is still wireless but the blu ray would be hardwired.

It depends on your router. Most routers do have more than one connection on the back.  You can just look for the connections on the wifi router and as long as you have an outlet you can connect a cable to it.  In my own case I have three hardwired connections to the router and a pc and couple of smartphones using the wifi of the router.

Good Luck.  

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