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Thank you for the opportunity to ask you a question:

Id like to upgrade from DVD player to Blu-Ray.   
When I do, can I just put the Blue Ray exactly in the place where the DVD Player was?
What would you recommend as the best Blue Ray player for me to purchase?  ( I assume the Blue Ray Player will play ordinary DVDs as well).    Thank you very much!    

Pablo Durissimo

It's a smart thing to do.  BluRay has really good video capability; some of the BluRay movies are really stunning.  But, you need a good, high resolution flat screen tv.  I assume you do.

Yes, you will find the new bluray plug compatible.  However, you may want to use HDMI connections or digital cable for the best possible video and audio.

And, yes, the BluRay is backwards compatible.

I do not make equipment recommendations.  Why? Because there are so many subjective aspects of consumer products.  Your installation may have requirements that would lean you to one product whereas another user in a different playback environment would have different needs or wants.

Good Luck.  Let me know if you need more.  

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