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TV/VCR/Stereo Troubleshooting/sony tube tv flashing red (non stop flashing)


I have a sony KV35S42 TV it will not come on, and red light flashing on front is non stop flashing...NON PATTERN.  I have tried reset options, un plugged other devices, still same thing. have looked for hrs on web and no info on the flashing continuous pattern??  its too heavy to take to shop...don't know if I should junk it?  9156147 is the serial #   thanks

Continuous blinking relates to the adjustments for the picture tube.  It is usually a sign of the tube getting old and drawing too much current.  There is an adjustment for the picture tube current settings but it will accelerate the loss of life for the tube.

I am sad to say probably the best thing to do, since this is a very old set, even though it was a good one, is to replace it with a new tv.  The cost of a new picture tube is much greater than the price you paid for it new - if the picture tube is even available any more.

If you opted to adjust the picture tube current level it requires an experienced tech who knows how to set it for further use; will cost $75 to $100 to get it done.

That is my opinion - without seeing the set.  But, I think I am correct with my analysis.

Hope this helps.

PS: Last idea; could be the power supply has failed. In old sets the most common cause is a shorted down electrolytic capacitor. They are usually the first to go due to their short life span.  You can look around the power supply to see if one is bloated or electrolyte oozing out of the place where the wires are connected to it.  They are not expensive to replace but much labor getting the old ones out and the new ones in.  

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