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actually I have 2 questions. Fisrt question is that I have 2 sets with tne same problem.Both TV`s Have fuses that are blown. One is an RCA 27" model #F27676BC and was made in 97`, the other is an emerson lcd and was made in 2011. The schimatics on the RCA Just shows that it needs a 125v fuse, while the Emerson statesa that I need a 4A/125V fuse.Can I purchase these fuses at my local Radio Shack or do I  have to go to TV repair shop? Question 2, when I openwed the back of the Emerson I noticed something else. Where the fuse was supposed to be some jackass had inserted a paperclip in it` place thinking that would fix it. Instead I believe they might have made it a little more hectic.. Now it didn`t mess up the whole board but it disd blow a part.On the board it says L601, but on the part itself it shows Y2008.It didn`t blow completelyand I`ve gone over the "HOT" board for the last 4 days and see no other damage. As for the part it didn`t blow away the soder on the bottom and it only burned a few copper coils. Can it still functiontill I buy of find a sodering gun or should I just buy both parts and then when I come across a sodering fix the TV?

Hi Rafael,
Thanks for choosing allexpert and I will be more than happy to assist you. To answer your 1st question yes you can purchase fuses from radio shack as I have purchased fuses from them myself and with the rca when the fuse blow there could be additional problem that causes this. If you replace the fuse and it blows again notice if it blows when you first plug in the power cord or when you hit the power button. If it blows when you plug it in then most likely it`s the flyback transformer and/or the horizontal output transistor or voltage regulator but if it blows when you hit the power button it most likely a diode or bridge rectifier.These are the most common causes for this rca brand model number but it is not just limited to this. To answer your 2nd question it would be best if you replace all parts before you turn the tv on and as far as the paper clip fix it could have damaged some other internal part. The fuses are there to prevent major damages so when the current or voltage is fixed at the fuse location and there is a problem it travels through the paperclip and damage other parts. I thank you for choosing allexperts and if there is any other question please don`t hesistate to send us an email and we will respond as quickly as we can.

Thanks again

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