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The screen image has gone "dark" and the colour balance cannot be corrected with the set's internal controls.  Sound is ok.  Same problem with DVD and VHS players.  Does not correct with removing and replacing all connections including satellite.  Previously noticed once but self corrected.  Nearest technician wants $200 (nonrefundable) travel time just to come and look.  Does this sound like a "parts" problem or something I could easily correct?

It sounds like a failure of the convergence circuitry.  Look here for repair kits:

Your model is not listed but one that is similar in model number is likely to work for your set.  I suggest you contact the repair kit people and check with them to see if it will work for you.

These kits generally run around $65 US and require about 2 hours of semi-skilled labor to change out the IC chip set and resistor.  All parts come with the kit including instructions on how to do it.  

There are other kits available so google around for the best deal; or if you have a technician in the family or among friends they can help you with it.

Good Luck.

PS: This is an old set; you will need to start looking for a replacement sooner or later.

TV/VCR/Stereo Troubleshooting

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