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QUESTION: Hi, we have a Philips model 32PFL3505D/F7 which for some reason it will not turn on right away. The on light comes on, the logo appears and then it shuts off. We use this in the bedroom and every night it takes 20 to 30 minutes of continuous turning on until it finally stays on.
We currently have the back panel off however we can't see anything grossly wrong.
Wondering if it's something worth repairing and if we can do it ourselves.
Thanks in advance for your help!

ANSWER: My firstguess is the power supply board needs replaced.  But I can only be 75% correct with that guess because without doing some actual troubleshooting one cannot know for certain.

If you want to take the chance that the power supply board is the culprit you should get the model or part number off the board  and google for it where you will get several results from various suppliers.

Above is one example.  You can find this board  on eBay at about half the price but sometimes they are used instead of  new.

New 32" sets are  being discounted as low as $189 which is a good buy; or you could upgrade to a larger set.

Wishing you the best.

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QUESTION: Thanks so much for your help!! I'm totally clueless of course, but if it is a power supply issue, would that still let me turn it on and be fine after turning on repeatedly for 20 minutes?
Thanks again for your help!!

ANSWER: Yes, because the electrolytic capacitors short down and only allow enough voltage to get close to enough to turn on the set.  As time goes by the capacitors get worse and will not allow the voltage to ever get high enough.

But, as before, I am not certain as there are other possible failure points, even the main video board.  In any event, the cost of repair can become a big investment.

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QUESTION: Thanks so much again for your reply. I have been looking to buy what you suggested but don't seem to find anything that is available and/or at a reasonable price. I guess I will keep on trying. I don't mind making a $20-30 investment, if I can find one.
Thanks so much for all your help.

Thanks for the feedback.  Unfortunately, European brand tvs are more expensive to repair and the high technology used with digital circuitry requires more expert analysis for troubleshooting.

The above links may be interesting for your review.

Hope this helps.  

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