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QUESTION: tv works for movies, dvd/ pic when antenna plugged in. tried everything with remote. can't afford new tv. thanks Cynthia 6ol

ANSWER: To receive tv from antenna the setup procedure must be initiated.  To do this, go into the menu (button on remote) and follow the links to antenna setup.  It must go through a scan to determine the tv stations that are coming through the antenna.  Every tv is little different but it may take several minutes for the scan process to complete.  When done, it will make all the stations available.  

So, do the scan and let me know if you have further questions.

PS:  The procedure for setup is given on page 15 of the owners manual.  If you have lost yours or misplaced it you can download it from the Internet.


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QUESTION: already did that a million times. no

ANSWER: Well then perhaps the antenna is insufficient to bring in signal level or you are too far away from the nearest tv broadcasting antenna!

When you do the scan can does it work its way all the way through?  Usually there is a bar or line that shows the progress of the scan.  And it must be set for digital only as there are no longer any analog stations broadcasting in the USA.  And further the scan must be set for antenna rather than cable.

If you can give me your zip code I can check the FCC listing for nearby stations.  Or, you can look it up by yourself by going to the FCC site and plug in your location and get the type of antenna needed to get the stations in your area.

Go to the link above and put your  zip code or address in the top left corner.  Give it a try.

Best wishes.

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QUESTION: thanks.went to link, most stations have a strong signal.also,tv used to work with antenna. using a girlfriends tv and works great with rabbit ears antenna. wondering if the plug where you screw in antenna is screwed up.appreciate all your efforts to help. it would be a shame to throw out a good tv.Cindy

Thanks.  Here are my further thoughts;

-  Double check the cable between the antenna and tv and make sure its connected to the right antenna input (some tvs have separate connector for antenna and/or cable).

-  Make sure when you scan that you have it set for antenna because cable scan will get zero results.

-  And, yes, there could be a broken connection somewhere either internal or external to the tv.

-  It is  possible the tv has developed a failure internally that prevents the search circuits from working properly.

-  Might be worth trying another antenna just to verify the setup and scan; it is possible a broken wire inside the antenna connection has happened.

-  Sorry for the trouble you have been having.  Hope these further ideas result in a solution for you.

Best wishes.  

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