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When I plug the red and white plugs into the Audio Out jacks I hear nothing thru the headset.  The other end of the cable is properly inserted in the headphones.  Headphones are ON and batteries are good. I can hear the sound on the TV when I raise the volume on the TV,  What would make the Audio Out Jacks on the TV not output sound I am hearing on the TV program?

Thank you.


This model does not appear to have an earphone output jack so I suppose that is why you are connecting the headphone to the audio output jacks on the back of the tv.  Right?

These outputs are low level and high impedance outputs and do not have enough power/voltage to feed low impedance headphones, unfortunately.  If the headphones are rated at 8, 16 or 30 ohms they are essentially shorting the output voltage which is rated at about 200mv at 50k impedance.

Therefore, you will probably need a headphone amplifier to put in between the outputs on the tv and the headphones.

You can purchase headphone amps at places like BestBuy and Amazon. They range for a few dollars to over $200 for the better ones.

Let me know if there is more to the story.  

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