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I have a 7 year old Maxent 32" flat panel TV. I noticed that the color blue is not coming through on the screen.. it shows up as green instead (an example is baseball uniform that I know is blue is showing as green on this set). I tried to adjust color in the settings but nothing has helped. Is this worth fixing?

Before throwing it out try the thumping and banging routine.

Do this by when the set is on, go all around the tv top, sides with your hand or fist and bang on it gently at first then more vigorously to see if the problem is an intermittent connection to the screen from the main boards inside the set.

If that doesn't help then it is likely one of the electronic boards inside. You need to have the model number of the set and then google around to see who might have those for your model.  One of the best suppliers of tv boards is - and others that you'll find from the google search.

The cost of boards vary from $20 to $80 for 32inch sets.

In my opinion for a set this old it might be best to apply the repair cost to a new set.  The sales price on 32 inch sets has come down alot lately.

Best wishes.  

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