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Have an older TV that is analog. I'd like to get channels using rabbit ears. I need some kind of analog to digital converter but I don't know what to look for. Thank you.......... Glenn

Hi Glenn and thanks for choosing allexperts. I will be glad to assist you. You are absolutely right you do need a digital converter box which I believe they still sell at your local Walmart or best buy stores. If not, you can surely purchase one on amazon just search for digital converter box and be sure to get a digital antenna. RCA has some good ones for a reasonable price. The antenna will be either indoor or outdoor the indoor is good but just make sure you are close to a window area to receive a good signal. The outdoor antenna is better. They have some that you can mount on a pole and will cost around a 100 bucks or more. Your reception will be greater and you may pickup more channels. Hope this helps and if I can assist you further let me know. Thanks again for choosing allexperts.

TV/VCR/Stereo Troubleshooting

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Repaired Tv's for almost 20yrs and have been repairing washers, dryers, game consuls and computers for over 10 years. Most computers repaired can be fixed with the stroke of keys. It's just knowing how to get there.

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