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QUESTION: I have a LG-RC897T DVD/VCR COMBO. It had issues staying powered up.I replaced a 470uf 25v capacitor on the power board and that took care of that issue. I saw that the harness to the audio base assembly was damaged and I wanted to replace that as well. The harness has a slit in it and Its just a trace harness and there is now way to really repair it. I contacted LG & Sears and they said the part was no longer available. IM going to make my own harness but my problem is there are 6 trace wires in the harness and only 4 pins to solder on the device. The other 2 are on the trace harness but don't seem to go to anything. I found the 6 pin hole to solder on the board and I know where to 4 go on the board as well, but the 2 that are unaccounted for on the board and the audio device are not getting any reading on my meter. All I really need to know is where to solder the 2 wires on the device. Do I tie them together, or solder them to ground. I did check the wires on a RCA VCR and the 2 separate wires in that harness are going to the transformer and the other wire to a sensor. But when I tried that on the LG I still got no meter reading at all. Could it be that the trace is not making contact on the board and that's why there's no reading, what do you think and can you help. In desperate need to fix it

ANSWER: Hi Bubby thanks for choosing allexperts. I will be more than happy to assist you. So let me get this straight you have a six pin harness and you know where four of the pins go on the harness and the other two you are unsure of. First of all what problems are you having with the bad harness? What I have done in the past was use the side of the harness that was good and replicated the other end that I was connecting to boards I was repairing, when parts were NLA. Tracing wires can get tricky and sometimes the wires are connected to ground just as you stated and sometimes they are in a harness and connected to a pin but the pin is not soldered to the board. If you could send a picture or upload a photo that would maybe help. Let me know if I can assist you further. Thanks  

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QUESTION: Hi Tyrone. Thank you for responding, I really appreciate that. I cant send a photo but I my be able to explain in detail. The harness is a paper type harness made of trace wires. The pins on the audio device I can clearly see where they go if I were to solder them to the board
(no problem}I do know where the other 2 wires go on the board and can solder them also (no problem)but those same 2 wires have no were to go on the audio device. Even when you look at the paper trace harness the wires just stop one in front of the other. they don't go to anything. There's no pins for it to solder to if you know what I mean? They have to go to ground or some how hook up to one of the 4 pins. I did make a temp. harness out of the old paper harness and it made the unit work but it wouldn't turn the tape. so I know the 4 pins can be explained sure enough. Just afraid to press my luck and mess up the board by soldering and resolder and messing the board up. I was hoping you my have delt with something like this and know where they my go. I saw a you tube repair, with a NEC-ndt44 vcr with the same harness if that my help you but other than that IM at your mersy. Again I so do thank you for responding to my issue, Id appreciate any kind of tech help you my offer. thanks Bubby

Hi Bubby thanks for your detailed explanation. I have encountered repairs like this and they have somewhat been different on each device. Some I have soldered to ground ,some I have soldered to pins on a transistor and some I have soldered to small transformers. I just cant be sure without seeing it or having a schematic. I don't want you to solder it to the wrong location as this could damage the unit altogether. If I may suggest you could search on line for what is called a service manual for that model and use it to help you locate where those two wires go. The manuals are not that expensive and could help a lot. Sorry I couldn't be more of a help but don't want you to connect it to the wrong component. Thanks again for choosing and if there is anything else I could do to assist you please don't hesitate to ask.


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