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Like most people I was forced to change to a digital TV. I have an HP that is a few years old. I did not change the antenna, however. A local station rep felt the analog antenna I have (8 feet long, several fold out tubes that make it 12 feet wide, sits in my attic, direct line of sight to the towers) would work as well as any thing. But then I heard on a radio show that I should change to a digital antenna. Our reception is great on some stations and not so great on others even though all stations are broadcast from the same set of towers on the same mountain just west of Denver, Colorado.

Thoughts? Would a digital antenna make any difference?

Antennas have no way of telling they are receiving a digital or analog signal.  Most digital antenna suppliers are  merely taking advantage of the digital aspect of television receivers.  But antennas do not process the signal; they merely pass it on to the receiver.

So, in your case I would stay with the one you've got and pay no attention to the promotors of digital marketers and especially if they tout that digital is better.

For the difference in reception that you mention that is most likely a function of the antenna design wherein the frequency of the various channels may have different sensitivity on the antenna.  A different antenna of similar ratings and size may give you a different sensitivity to the various signals.

Also, you could try re-orienting the antenna to get better reception. Sometimes even a few degrees of difference can make big change.

Let me know if you need more.  

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