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Good day my sansui sv2918 crt model when I switch it on it plays without audio for 2 min then switch itself on and off and up nd down the menu options until I turn it off..please what could the problem can I fix myself? do I reset it?..thanks in advance

I checked the service manual (available online freely) for a reset operation and it is not listed.  The best reset for older crt tvs is to unplug the power cord and leave unplugged for several hours, such as overnight. This allows the voltages internal to discharge to zero volts and when the set it turned on it will automatically reset all the ICs and storage registers inside the set. So try that.

Otherwise, it would seem one or more of the internal ICs or storage components is defective. But testing is necessary to identify the defective parts.

But, wait:  This model, I think, is an international unit which can receive different country signals such as SECAM and PAL used in European countries.  Is it possible you have set it to the wrong country coding?  If you are in the USA it should be ATSC for digital or NTSC for usa standard. So check that out.

And let me know if you need more ideas.

PS: Also, read this forum commentary which may lead you somewhere for the solution:

Good Luck.  

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