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QUESTION: Toshiba SD 1600 DVD player. This morning it was working fine. Tonight when I put a dvd in, "Loading" appeared on the dvd player and tv, as usual. After flashing an average of 15 times, a "Disc Error" message appeared on the dvd player, and "Please Check Disc" appeared on the tv. Usually just before "Disc Error/Please Check Disc" appeared, there were several clicks.

I have a Philips laser lens cleaner which usually runs fine when other dvds won't. As soon as I put it in, it starts and explains how to use it. Now, even that won't work. I get the same "Disc Error/Please Check Disc" message.

Any idea what the problem is?

ANSWER: Hi Jerry thanks for choosing allexperts. I will be happy to assist you. First try to reset it by unpluging it for 10minutes and try it again if that doesn't work you may have a bad laser. You can try to clean it manually by taking it apart and cleaning the laser very careful with a soft cloth with alcohol. If it`s not reading because it`s dirty cleaning it manually should get it back up again. Let me know if I could assist you further. Thanks for choosing allexperts.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I opened it to clean the laser, but thought I'd try it one more time. I put in a dvd I don't care for, and as soon as it went in it began spinning like it's suppose to, and a small red "dvd" light came on in front as it does when it's working ok. I took it back to the tv and hooked it up, but then it didn't work. I took the cover off and the red laser light was on for a few seconds, but the dvd didn't spin.

Cleaning didn't help. If the laser is bad, would it come on for about 15 seconds when I first insert a disc?

Hi Jerry. Did the disc error come up just before the laser stopped? CAUTION DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE LASER as this could harm your eyes. First the dvd is driven by a separate motor in most cases. It`s possible to have a working laser and bad dvd drive motor or vise versa. The fact that it lights up is good but I have also seen a bad laser that lights up. There is one other thing you could try. Locate the laser again and gently slide it back from the center of the dvd placement put the dvd back in and try it again. Sometimes the lens can get out of alignment and also cause issues. Also use a disc that has no wear to it or scratches to help with the alignment. Let me know if I could assist you further and as always thanks for choosing allexperts.


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